Sunday, April 3, 2011

First method :
1. Go to
2. Sign Up There For Free
3. After making Your Account Do As Mentioned .
4. Change Your DNS As Mentioned In it.
5. When You had added A Network of Your IP Address Change Its Setting And Set It To Moderate And Then Click Apply
6. Restart Your PC
7. All Done ! No One Can View Adult Sites Without Your Permission and this trick cannot be failed.

Second Method:
1.Visit And Download It(for windows) Download It(for mac & Linux)
2. Download It Through Website only to get free licence Key
3. During Setup Enter That Licence Key (you will recieve it in your Email)
4 Make A Strong Password
5. install The Application
6. Restart Your Pc 
7. All Done . 
8. You Can Also Watch That What Your Ward Does Online By Logging Into Your Account

Note: First Method Can Be Unused If Your child Is Tricky And Clever and You Use Only One Accout(Administrator Account) on Your Pc.

Note: Try Both Method If You Want To Get Better protection

Do You Want To View Screenshots:

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  1. Very Very Thank you

  2. openDNS or first trick works on search queries also . You Will find No Results For Bad Searches But Page will be not blocked.


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