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How To Send Bold And Underline Texts During Facebook Chant

Now here are the facebook codes for sending bold and underlined text in facebook chat.For Sending Bold Textwhatever you type between * *(two stars ) will automatically turns into bold.Example : You write
I *really* mean it.
Turns to
I really mean it.For sending underlined TextWhatever you type between _ _(two underscores) will automatically turns into underlined textExample: You write

How To Hack The Password Of Windows Xp Or 7 Or Vista Account Without Knowing the Password

Download the CD Image From the Two Links Given Below :1. Link 1 2. Link 2
Now , Extract any of the Zip Files And Burn It To The Blank CD With Nero . Now, Boot From The CD And Complete The Formalities And It Will Show You Your Password . These Files Are 4 tp 6 MB
OR Download OPH Crack And Burn It To A Blank CD And You Will Easily Access Your Admin Password.
Download OPH Crack About 470 tp 500MB

How to Upload Photoes on the Web For Free

Visit To Create Mirror And Upload Your files To Multiple File Hosting Servers

Visit to FOTO.PK For Uploading Photoes Online And Linking On Pages

How To Install Windows XP , Vista Or Windows 7 From USb Flash Drive

You can install any version of windows like windows xp,vista,7,2003,2008 using usb drive.As usb have become very common and affordable these days everbody caaries a usb.This tutorial doesnot uses the command prompt method for installing windows from usb instead I will give you a new and a simpler method to install the windows from the usb drive.For this tutorial we will require the following thingsWindows Dvd or it’s ISO imageOptical drive emulation software( like demon tools)Wintoflash softwareUSB drive (minimum 4 gb)All the software that we will be using in this tutorial are free and their downloads links are given in the post.Here is the step by step tutorial with screenshots on How To Install Windows Xp,Vista And 7 From Usb
1.Download and Install Demon tools.Click here to download(

How To Save Streaming Videos And Songs Without Any Downloader

Case 1:Google Chrome For windows Vista and Windows 7If you use google chrome in windows vista or windows 7 then here is the location of the cache folderC:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\UserData\Default\CacheC, being the system root. If you are not sure about the system root you can replace C: with %systemroot%.Also donot forget to replace USER_NAME to your windows usernameFor Windows Xp Users

How To Publish Free Sites

Method 1
1. Go To 2. Sign up With Your Gmail Account or From Here 3. Make Your Website And Hide Top Navigation Bar From The Blog Below Or Click Here 4. Now Go to 5. Sign Up There With Your Existing GMAIL Account 6. Make Domain With Your Preferred Name 7. Go To URL Redirecting Tab 8. Enter Your Blog Address And This Is Done.
Method 2 1. Go to 2. Sign Up There And Make Your Website