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Get Timeline/Username In facebook

In Order to get Timeline In your fb accout , you need to verify your account by a mobile and get a username

For Getting Username:
1. Go To
2. Request a Username and verify your Mobile Number
3. Choose a Username And You have Now a Username

Now, For Getting TImeline:
1. Go to
2. In The lower-right of the Screen , Click On Get Timeline
3. That It , You Have Now a Timeline.

Download Youtube Videos without any Downloader

New Method Of Downloading Youtube Videos In Google Chrome which i have discovered yet:

1. Play The Video In Youtube for about 10sec. 
(Note: View In That quality that you want to download)

2. Open A New Tab (Dont do anything else during these process)
3. In New Tab
4. In Address bar type "about:cache" without qoutes.
5. The First Link Will be starting like this ""
6. Click On the Link
7. Copy The whole Address Starting From ""
8. In New Tab , Paste That Copied Text and Press Enter.
9. Your Video Will Start Downloading Soon.