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Different Youtube Channels = View Live Events Here = View World's famous Music At youtube = View World Famous Movies At Youtube = View Bollywood Movies At youtube (india)

How to Easity Install Facebook Comment On Your Website

Go to And Enter Your Website Address And Get The Code

ITs Free !

Download Youtube Videos (Easiest Way )

Download Fastest fox for your browser and get the link to download link just below where youtube video is playing on youtube site:
Go to And Download It for Your Desired Browser OR
Click On The For Starting Download For Your Browser:
1. Google Chrome Link1, Link 2
2. Mozilla Firefox Link1
3. Opera Link 1 , Link 2
4. Safari Link 1
5. Internet Explorer Link1

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Get Books Print Online

Hi visit And Download NCERT Books From 1st class to 12th class

URL Shortner For Posts in Facebook and Twitter

My Blog Advanced View Shortened URL via
My Blog Advanced View Shortened URL via :

 - You Can Shorten URL in Random Mode or Manually As I Did "myblog"
 - faster than any other because no retrieving or submitting data to MYSQL Database

 - google powered URL Shortner but only randomly organise links
 - Slower Because Used to count clicks includes submitting data To Database

How to Make Online Calls About 10min Total via Wireless Dial up Modem ?

First Install all The Following Browser:
1. Internet Explorer
2. Opera
3. Mozilla Firefox
4. Google Chrome
5. Safari

Now Go to on IE and Register there with 1 id . (you can make fake id as it does not verufy email) Make 2 Calls  , Now Disconnect Your Net And Reconnect it.
now type about:InPrivate And Start Private Browsing. You Will notce that evaphone again offers you 2 free calls

In Firefox you Have 2 free calls and Firefox Private also 2 callsIn Opera You Have 2 free calls and in opera private mode 2 free callsIn Chrome 2 free calls and in chrome incongito mode 2 free callsIn Safari 2 free calls and in safari private 2 free callSo like This You Have
2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 10 Free Calls in A Day

Note: Always Reconnect Internet To make calls while changing browser Note: Safe Mode Running Windows is Best But its your will to use in any mode of Your OS Note: Best Suitable For Dial up Wireless connections as it changes your ip on reconnect

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