Post To Facebook Using Gtalk

Facebook status updates can be updated from mobile, mail and browsers. But now you are able to updates fb status via Google talk. 
Today I am going to share a Facebook application named . This fb app is developed by me and can be used to update your Facebook wall statuses from your gTalk. is a imfied hosted IM bot and is associated with this application. Application is working with Facebook Graph APIs and using the fbgraph.php class

Here is the simple process - 
Step1. Add to your gTalk or Gmail Chat.
Step2. Install the application, Its very simple open the fb app and click on "Go to app".
Step3. As you allow application with permissions, you will get a code something like FB23sjhwe7ywegwe...
Step4. Send this code to the gTalk IM bot, to the same as you send message to a friend.
Step5. You will get a confirmation message that you are connected.
Step6. Start using gtalk facebook application to post statuses. All sent messages will be posted to your wall.

Enjoy collaboration!!


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